Enrolment and Enrolment Zone

Due to a growing school roll we now have an enrolment zone in place. All students who live within the home zone described below are entitled to enrol at our school:
Starting at the intersection of Te Atatu Road (121-237, 110-266 included) and Lyndhurst Road, travel south east along Lyndhurst Road (Merchant Ave and Jaemont Ave included) and cross east to the coastline. Travel south along the coastline to Riverglade Parkway and travel north to and west along McLeod Road (63, 58 and above, Duncan Avenue, Sheehan Road and Bordeaux Parade included). Travel north along Te Atatu Road back to the starting point (Strid Road – 47, 38 and below, Kirrie Avenue, Essex Street and Keru Place included).
Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.
Children may start school on a twice termly basis (it may not be on their 5th birthday). If you wish to enrol your child, please visit the office before this date to make arrangements about paperwork, uniform and school visits.
Our office staff can also organise a class for your child to be placed in if they are transferring from another school.
Contact us for more information or to request an enrolment form. Or fill out our online enrolment form here.