Welcome to Freyberg Community School

Freyberg Community School provides high quality education for all students, underpinned by our values based vision. Our C.O.R.E values of creativity, optimism, resilience and empathy support our learning and is behind everything we do. 
We consider character development to be as important as academic, cultural and sporting development – we celebrate our C.O.R.E values and believe they are essential in nurturing self esteem and overall wellbeing.
We aim to promote an active partnership with the community in providing educational, cultural, recreational and social learning opportunities. 
We ensure our school remains the hub around which the community continues to develop and we provide a friendly, positive, supportive, caring environment.
Our staff are a fantastic group of hardworking, creative, friendly people with high expectations of both ourselves and our learners. We love to have fun and we love to see our children having fun. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our community through valuing individuality, identity and culture.
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any concerns or matters you wish to discuss.
Maria Dopheide